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    How to use the tire balance

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    How to use the tire balance

    Date of issue:2019-03-29 Authors: Click:

    1: Fill the tire to the proper air pressure, remove the lead blocks on the rim, remove the stones in the tire groove, and clean the rim.

    2: Install the balance shaft with the tire mounting surface facing inward, select an appropriate cone, and lock the tire with a locking device.

    3: Turn on the power of the balancing machine, pull out the ruler to measure the distance from the rim to the balancing machine, the rim width, and the rim diameter, and enter the measured data in order

    4: Press the start button, the balancer will start driving the tire to rotate, and the measurement will start. Be careful not to stand near the tire to avoid danger.

    5: The balance machine automatically stops the measured data.

    6: Rotate the tire until the position light on the side of the balancer is fully lit (different models display differently). At the highest point of the side that is fully lit, that is, 12 o'clock, type the corresponding weight of lead, and the other side is also like this

    7: Repeat steps 4 and 4 until the balance machine displays 0 (less than 5 grams, because there is no lead block less than 5 grams, and the balance machine does not display an imbalance amount of less than 5 grams)

    8: End of dynamic balance

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