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    Tire Steering Machine Structure News

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    Tire Steering Machine Structure News

    Date of issue:2019-03-29 Authors: Click:

    The structure of the tire grilling machine is as follows:

    1. Main machine workbench: The tires are mainly dismantled on this workbench, which is mainly used for placing tires and rotating.

    2. Separation arm: On the side of the tire removal machine, it is mainly used to separate the tire from the rim, and the tire removal is performed smoothly.

    3. Inflating and deflating device: It mainly releases the air of the tire to facilitate inflation or disassembly. In addition, there is a barometer that measures the air pressure. General tires are around 2.2 atmospheres. The price of the tire-cutting machine is also equal to 0.2Mpa.

    4. Foot pedal: There are 3 foot pedal switches under the tire changer, which are used to rotate the switch clockwise and counterclockwise, separate the tightening switch, separate the rim and the tire switch.

    5. Lubricant: It is helpful for tire disassembly and assembly, reduces damage during tire disassembly, and makes tire disassembly and assembly better.

    6.Compressed air interface

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