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    Tips for using large tire changers

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    Tips for using large tire changers

    Date of issue:2019-03-29 Authors: Click:

    The large tire changer is used to install and unload car tires, and can change tires for different vehicles such as cars, motorcycles and heavy trucks. As the indispensable equipment of automobile repair factories and 4S shops, are the technicians operating properly? In addition to professional operation knowledge, how to deal with some problems in actual operation? Then Xiaobian will take everyone to understand the tips of a large tire changer under the tire changer.

        1. For soft and thin tires, but the rubber on the top of the tire is good: when using a shovel to skid the tire, you can slightly lift the shovel control pedal and push the tire in at the same time, make sure that the shovel is in contact with the tread, and then use your leg or Hold your hand to prevent the tire from going back, and then press the control pedal, it is easier to shovel the tire.

        2. For tires with a harder tread: You can choose the spring steel plate of the car when you are picking up the tires, and make a long crowbar to pry the tires to the bird's head, which is easier to use. When putting on the tire, press the belly of the tire with both hands, about 200mm. When the tread is at the tightest position, press the belly of the tire firmly with your right elbow. At the same time, push the tire clockwise with your left hand to prevent the motor and V-belt from slipping. , Can also protect the motor well.

        3. For tires with a long running time: The tire is exposed to internal air pressure for a long time, and the heat generated by the friction between the tire and the ground causes the tire to adhere to the steel rim. When it is difficult to remove the air shovel, you can choose to dissolve the detergent in water and use a small brush to brush some solution on the lip and steel ring. After the solution penetrates into the gap between the lip and the steel ring, use the air shovel. Shovel

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