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    How to buy a tire balancing machine

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    How to buy a tire balancing machine

    Date of issue:2019-03-29 Authors: Click:

    When buying a grilled tire balancing machine, you may be puzzled by the variety of balancing machines on the market and the widely differing prices. Even if you have been using balancers for many years, you may not know the real difference between them. If you just listen to the manufacturer's introduction, you may spend a high price to buy back a balancing machine that is not suitable for you. The following is a brief introduction of several questions often asked by users for your reference when purchasing.

    的 The difference between soft support and hard support, the dynamic balancing machine is divided into soft support and hard support. Compared with the two, the swing frame of the soft-supported balancing machine is relatively soft. In the process of starting and stopping the drive shaft, the softly supported swing frame will have very obvious vibration, while the hardly supported swing frame does not have this phenomenon.

    In theory, soft-supported balancing machines can achieve higher test accuracy. However, this can only be distinguished in extremely sophisticated tests. For the tire balancing machine, the precision achieved by the hard bearing is far beyond the actual needs. If it is found that the accuracy of a grilled tire balancing machine cannot meet the requirements, it must be the result of other factors. Among the factors that affect balance accuracy, soft and hard supports are just a trivial factor. The influencing factors of accuracy, because all manufacturers have adopted microcomputer technology, the technology is very mature, the error produced by the electronic measurement part is minimal, and the relationship between the accuracy of the grille balancing machine and the electronic part is very small.

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