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    Development of pneumatic tire grilling machine enterprises

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    Development of pneumatic tire grilling machine enterprises

    Date of issue:2019-03-29 Authors: Click:

    Yingkou Jinhua Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., as a professional tire grilling machine manufacturer, introduces that with the continuous development of society, the maintenance concept of automotive pneumatic tire grilling machines is gradually changing. The original old parts are repaired and the car is extended indefinitely. Maintenance methods for the purpose of life have become history. From the perspective of energy saving, environmental protection and safety, old cars with large tire changers are forced to be scrapped; from the consideration of sufficient supply of spare parts and shortening the time of vehicle maintenance at the factory, it is more convenient to replace new ones; from the technical complexity of new models, with precise consideration , Regular dismantling and maintenance has been regarded as an unscientific way, so the technical policy of "regular inspection, mandatory maintenance, and conditional repairs" has been implemented. All of this has created a good external environment and a broad space for the automotive pneumatic tire griller maintenance enterprises.

    However, the development of automobile pneumatic tire grilling machine maintenance enterprises has encountered its own development bottleneck-the technical level of maintenance personnel, because the high-tech content of modern automobiles and the implementation of maintenance process procedures, as well as the intelligence and automation of maintenance equipment, have determined modern The maintenance personnel of automobile pneumatic tire grilling machine must improve the technical level and change from experience type to technology type. At present, most of the car tire grill balancing machine repair stations, repair shops and even car 4S station maintenance workers rely on experience to "eat". This restrictive condition is more or less affecting the development of major enterprises.

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