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    Note for large tire changers

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    Note for large tire changers

    Date of issue:2019-03-29 Authors: Click:

    Attention should be paid to large tire changers. The large shovel in the rotating direction solves the problem of tire pressing with different center heights of tires of different diameters.

    Machine characteristics:

    1. The hexagonal shaft is made of S41mm high-quality carbon structural steel, which greatly improves rigidity and is not easy to deform, which makes you safer and more reliable when disassembling hard-wall and flat tires.

    2. The turntable is made of δ15mm thick high-quality carbon structural steel, and its steelness and strength are reliably guaranteed. The surface of the turntable is plated with hard chromium to increase wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

    3. The disassembly head is processed with high-quality alloy material, which can ensure its use intensity.

    4. The machine is equipped with a protective cover for the disassembly head, a protective pad, a protective cover for the gripper, a protective cover for the crowbar and a protective cover for the tire shovel. Do not scratch the rim when disassembling or disassembling it.

    5. The turntable support clip has a wide range of sizes, which can meet the disassembly and assembly of small and medium truck and car tires.

    6. The tire inflation system is an inflated meter box type and is equipped with a rubber inflatable hose, which is longer and safer to use.

    7. This machine has a "C" class configuration. The so-called "C" class configuration is a vacuum tire rapid inflation device, which can make the vacuum tire tread and the edge of the rim closely contact, thereby solving the common inflation system's side inflation and leakage. Shortcomings.

    8. Upgradeable models. HL410-type guide rails, high-end manipulators for pressing tires at any angle, or AL410 + AR410 + WL65 luxury dual assistants and tire lifters can be selected as required to easily dismount the tires.

    9. The gas storage tank is built-in, and round columns are used to replace the air storage tank exposed outside the machine, which can minimize the footprint of the machine and thus effectively use the space.

    10. The turntable is equipped with steel and wear-resistant slides to reduce the wear on the turntable itself when supporting the rim, and prolong the service life of the turntable.

    11. The pneumatic tire shovel has two gears, which fully considers the tire pressing problem of ultra-wide tires.

    The tire changer is a traditional maintenance equipment with low technical content. At present, the equipment manufacturers are basically at a low profit stage. Large tire changers currently have slightly better repair shops equipped with tire changers. As a professional tire shop, tire changers are essential. Similarly, for ordinary repair shops, using a tire changer can greatly improve efficiency. Problems that could be solved in 30 minutes can now be easily solved in less than 5 minutes, and maintenance personnel are very easy. Today, Xiaobian recommended two high-end tire changers suitable for large repair plants.

    LYT-2825C + HL410 tire changer is a high-end configuration model. The machine is a semi-automatic model of a swing-arm column, and also has a fast inflation device. And equipped with HL410 type robot, operation is faster, safer and labor-saving. In particular, the advantages of disassembly and assembly of extra-wide, hard-walled, flat, vacuum tires are more prominent. The whole machine is produced according to export standards, with stable and reliable performance, and is suitable for use in large repair plants.

    Yingkou Jinhua Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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