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    Tyre changer maintenance and precautions

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    Tyre changer maintenance and precautions

    Date of issue:2019-04-03 Authors: Click:

    1. Before performing maintenance, you must disconnect the power and air supply. Pneumatic tire grilling machine

       2. After the work is done every day, the machine must be wiped carefully. Lubricate the sliding and rotating parts frequently.

       3, often check the gas-water separator and oil mist. Discharge in time when there is too much water, and replenish it in time (with 20 or 30 spindle oil)

    4. Make sure that there is enough lubricant in the reducer (No. 20 mechanical oil), and the oil level can be seen from the oil window. Open the plastic cover in the center of the workbench, unscrew the bolt, and you can refuel from the bolt hole.

       5. Ensure that the equipment is clean, lubricating oil is guaranteed in the oil cup, and the water separator is regularly drained.

       6. Ensure that the air supply pressure is 0.8 ~ 1.2Mpa.

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