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    Misunderstanding of the five-way leak of tire grilling machine

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    Misunderstanding of the five-way leak of tire grilling machine

    Date of issue:2019-04-23 Authors: Click:

    Five-way valve principle

    The five-way valve is connected to three air pipes. The middle air pipe is the main air pipe of the air compressor, and the two air pipes on the sides respectively lead to the two ends of the tire grille's cylinder. Figure): Price of Grilled Tire Machine

    In the process of using the tire picking machine, we found that the big shovel can't press the tire or the claw can't tighten the wheel hub. At the same time, we heard the sound of air leakage from the five-way valve of the pedal. At this time, most people think that the five-way valve is broken, but in fact it is not; in this case, most of the large or small cylinders have problems with the piston seal, and the five-way valve leaks due to the blow-by of the piston.

    Inspection Method:

    Pull out one of the cylinder air pipes on the five-way valve, and then step on or lift the foot pedal to inflate the cylinder, and the piston will move. When the piston is not moving, see if the air pipe we pulled out has no air. Come out, if gas comes out, it is proved that the piston or the seal on the piston is broken, and the piston blows air; if there is no gas, it is proved that the piston or the seal on the piston is good. At this time, it may be The sealing ring in the five-way valve is broken; replacing the corresponding accessories can solve the problem.

    In addition, remove the cylinder of the tire pick-up machine, insert the air pipe on one side, immerse the entire cylinder in water, and then inflate the cylinder. When the piston is not moving, look for air bubbles in the water. Where there are bubbles, the seal is broken, just replace it!

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