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    Which brand is better? What to pay attention to when choosing?

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    Which brand is better? What to pay attention to when choosing?

    Date of issue:2019-06-18 Authors: Click:

    The so-called tire picking machine, also called tire changer, tire changer, is a tool commonly used in car maintenance, specifically for tire removal, it is very convenient to remove tires. What brands of tire grilling machines are currently on the market? How should we choose? Pneumatic tire grilling machine

    Performance characteristics of tire chopping machine:

       1. A wide range of mobile clamping jaws for tire picking machines, tight rims are suitable for refitting car factories, and tires can also be used for lifting.

       2. It has two sides of mechanical pneumatic assist arm, suitable for a variety of operation methods, easy and fast operation.

    3. The number of revolutions of the working disk can be selected from 7 speeds / minutes to 14 rotations / minutes to improve work efficiency.

       4. Pneumatic backward tilting of the column, automatic push-pull locking design.

       5. Simple and effective upburst punching device, solves the difficulty of tire inflation, flexible and maneuverable, can be randomized, detachable, suitable for various tire shops.

    Classification of tire grilling machine:

       1. According to the type of power, the tire changer can be divided into two types: pneumatic tire changer and hydraulic tire changer;

       2. According to the type used, it can be divided into four categories: special tire changer for motorcycles, special tire changer for engineering vehicles, special tire changer for cars, and special tire changer for large trucks.

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